Historical List of Exhibitions

Muestra de Difusion Cultural, Museum of Architecture.
National Autonomous University of Mexico. December 1969.

Ettys Gallery, London. “One Man Show”. January 1987.

The Blenheim Gallery, London. “One Man Show”. June 1988.

The Santa Fe Gallery, London. “One Man Show”. July 1989.

The Summer Meeting of The British Association of Plastic Surgeons 1987.

Leighton House, Kensington & Chelsea Art Exhibition October 1987.

The Blenheim Gallery, London January Picture Show. 1988.

Eve Gruss Toronto, Canada.”One Man Show” October 1988.

Los Angeles Art Fair with Santa Fe Gallery, Los Angeles, California. USA. December 1988.

TheBlenheimGallery,London. January Picture Show. January 1989.

The Royal Free Hospital, London NW3. November 1993.

The Coningsby Gallery One man show Oct 2000.

The Coningsby Gallery, “Papel” Exhibition of art and Photography. March 2005

The Brick Lane Gallery. Group Show “Landscape” 2008

The Coningsby Gallery. One man show “Transition” June 2016

Saatchi Art online exhibition. Since 2017

Online Ehibition at ARTELECTRICO, “Reencuentro” 2022

ARTELECTRICO@Coningsby. Group exhibition Feb 2022

Artelectrico group exhibition online and at Coningsby Gallery “Tutti Frutti”. Feb2023

Medical Art Society Annual Exhibition at the Royal Society of Medicine. July 2023